Statistics About Identity Theft

In this advanced age of information and computer technology, new kinds of crimes are occurring. It has been verified through reliable identity theft statistics that identity theft is the most common white collar crime currently present in the United States. Identity theft can be easily defined as deceptive acquisition of your credit card details, money, bank account information, email passwords or other services by acting as someone else. As per the Federal Trade Commission, 1 in every 5 American natives can easily anticipate to be a casualty of identity theft. Identity thieves actually acquire the victim's personal details in different ways. They can easily steal your email password and related mails from the inbox, peep over your shoulder in order to obtain ATM details, or try to steal important details from your desktop or laptop in different techniques. Other identity thieves might utilize a very good technique known as phishing. Through this method, they try to send several fake emails, requesting important personal details. Another favorable method is providing a bogus employment offer. In this method, the applicant would fill the employment form by writing all the important personal details. The main motive behind this technique is to obtain personal information immediately.

According to the recent identity theft statistics, approximately 12 million Americans were pure victims of identity theft. This estimate can be very alarming considering the fact that individuals all over the world are extremely dependent on computer technology, cell phones, internet banking, emailing and other types of advanced technologies. According to one genuine online research, nearly 40% individuals determine the problem within the first four months. This enables them to solve the problem effectively in a reasonable time frame. On the other hand, nearly 20% individuals don't find the accurate solution within 4 years and longer. Obviously, identity theft statistics confirm the fact that resolution procedure is very complex and lengthy. The overall effects of identity theft are very negative. 48% individuals have confirmed that they face trouble obtaining credit whereas 10% individuals have confirmed that they experience difficulty in getting adequate employment. A full 70% have an opinion that they face problem getting the bogus details eliminated from their credit scores.

As per the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft statistics, half the victims actually knew the culprits who stole their personal details. They were mainly close friends, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, and family members also. In reality, identity theft is also executed by parents against their kids. The main motive behind this approach is to know the facts and general activities of children. Identity theft is also done by husband and wife. These instances are typical domestic abuse conditions in which the culprit dominates every element of the sufferer's life–including monetary matters. Some individuals have an opinion that a person surely knows better than to provide his personal details through email to some unidentified individual. But recent identity theft statistics provided by University of Indiana tells that approximately 15% phishing emails tend to be successful, permitting identity thieves to obtain instant access to their victim's personal details.

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